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If you’re looking for a high force actuator that can push a few thousand pounds, you’ve found it. The Heavy Duty Actuator is a capable of pushing up to 2000 lbs of force while delivering the same precision and repeatability you’ve come to expect from us. Also, it is IP65 rated linear actuator.


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  1. Motor
  2. It has a powerful motor which can generate up to 2000lbs force. The motor has a high rpm which makes it work at a very high speed. The force and speeds it can achieve do not affect its precision and efficiency thus making it a great tool to incorporate in your project.

  3. Cover
  4. Our products have a resilient strong cover that protects its internal components. The cover is also uniquely designed for better aesthetics and adaptability. The casing ensures it does not compromise the deployment of the product. The case is impermeable to water and dust thus making it suitable for myriad of applications. Heavy duty 12v linear actuators comes with IP65 rating which has proven resilience, strength and durability under any application.

  5. Mounting holes
  6. We design for adaptability. This product’s mounting holes are strategically positioned to give our clients maximum flexibility during installation. They also can support the BRK-17 mounting brackets for further adaptation and flexibility. The mounting holes are capable of withstanding the maximum retraction, holding and extension force.

  7. Voltage
  8. This product uses 12 volts DC current. It is highly power efficient without compromising on efficiency and reliability.


STROKE SIZE:Ranges from 1″- 24″. Any additional length leads to additional charges to the client.
SPEED:Actuator can reach speeds of 0.33″/sec (2000 lbs), 0.66″ (850 lbs).
FORCE:Can produce 850 lbs and 2000lbs of force.
LIMIT SWITCH:Built In, Adjustable.
PROTECTION CLASS:This product is made of IP65 -rated material which makes it impenetrable to dust and water.
HALL EFFECTS SENSORS:This device is fitted with state-of-the art sensors to cut back on power consumption and increase efficiency and performance.
WIRING:It comes with long wires thus making it possible to deploy them a little further from power source.



With a 2000lbs force, heavy duty electric actuators can be applied in myriad of applications. It is highly versatile and can be applied in diverse settings including but not limited to home automation, marine application, robotics, construction among others. With its force capability, it can be applied in large robotics projects. It has high precision and speed thus it can be and indispensable tool in such projects. They can also be applied in manufacturing industries. The force generated by these industrial actuators can be applied in moving materials across the production line or being critical component of the machinery. It can also be applied in warehouses to lift, push, pull items around the house. This product perfectly suits when you need 12v linear actuator with more than 500 lbs force. High force electric actuator can even be used for loading and offloading trucks especially when incorporated with other machinery.


Finding the perfect device to suit your industrial application needs can be frustrating. Though there are many actuator manufacturers out there, some application specifications can be hard to find. We can also provide custom heavy duty linear actuators specific for your project. They are specifically designed and produced for specific applications. We can manufacture custom industrial linear actuators according to:

  • Force
  • This is the maximum force that can be generated by the device. Force requirements are key consideration as they dictate the load capacity of the project. If the products in the market cannot provide the force requirements for your needs, you can order a product that specifically meets those demands. For heavy duty industrial actuators, force requirements are a critical consideration.

  • Speed
  • Speed of a device is measured in inches per second or motor RPM. The higher the RPM, the higher the speed of extending and retracting the stroke. The speed of retraction and extension may vary greatly across our products thus giving you wide range of options to choose the product that meets your specific requirements.

  • Voltage
  • Voltage entails the power requirements required to operate the actuator and specifically the motor. The electricity load is a critical issue of concern when purchasing actuators. Depending on your power source, an actuator designed to work under specific voltage can be availed to the user.

  • Dimensions
  • Dimensions of a product typically refer to stroke size. There is a wide range of stroke sizes suitable for various application from our store. However, for those users who cannot find existing products to suit their needs, then they can order custom one.

  • Mounting holes
  • Mounting holes are the attachment parts of the actuators. Actuators with custom mounting holes can be designed and made to meet the specific requirements of the user.

  • Stroke size
  • The stroke size is the extending arm of the actuator. For industrial linear actuators, we can customize stroke length from 1″ up to 40″.


  • These 2000 lbs linear actuators help to lift and pull heavy things in industries;
  • They are easy to install and use;
  • Industrial actuators can automate various functions in the industries;
  • Heavy duty actuators can handle tasks humans cannot handle such as extreme temperatures;
  • They can even be solar powered thus environmentally friendly;
  • Also industrial actuators are easy to repair, maintain and clean.



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