24V Actuators

24V actuator

We’re not just about 12V, we also manufacture a number of 24V linear actuators. When you’re looking for a 24V, we can custom create one for you. Our qualified, professional engineers are prepared to help you find the right actuator you need for your project or application.

24v Linear Actuator Features

  • Compact structure and easy installation – these actuators are easy to use and install because they are specifically designed to be light and easy to handle. 24v linear actuators are able to have a compact structure due to the smaller number of components which are involved;
  • Sturdy construction for protection against corrosion – one reason for a 24 volt linear actuator to be so popular is that it is built differently. The style of construction means that linear actuators will withstand more punishment than other equipment could, either because of the way they are constructed, or because of the materials being used;
  • Internal limit switches – limit switches allow the user to control where the actuator stops when it is moving – whether that is to fit into a small space, or simply to stop the 24v actuator before it reaches its own limits. Having a limit switch means greater control;
  • Sensors for accurate control – having sensors means that the 24 volt actuator is able to sense where it is in the space it inhabits, and so make sure that it doesn’t move too far in the wrong direction.

Differences between a 12v and a 24v Linear Actuator

  • They use the same motor, but a 24 volt dc linear actuator will draw twice the power from it that a 12 volt dc linear actuator would, therefore making it more powerful;
  • The torque of the two actuators is different, with a 24v actuator having a higher torque than a 12v – if the user wants an actuator with a higher torque, then they need to use a 24v one.

When should you use a 12v actuator?

People should use a 12v actuator when they need an actuator which is not very powerful, but which can fit into smaller spaces, and which does not need to be replaced very often. It is good for most home automation projects.

When should you use a 24v actuator?

A 24 volt electric actuator has a stronger daw on power and greater torque. It should be used for jobs which require higher torque and motor speeds, and for jobs which need actuators that can work for longer without needing a rest period.


We can customize a 24 volt actuator to nearly any spec you need. Our custom orders can be manufactured in 5-6 business days, and we’ll send them out in 10. Just contact one of our engineers and discuss your project or application needs.

We can customize a variety of our actuator models into a 24V model. Whether you need a 24V mini actuator or 24V track actuator, we can get you the automation you need.

We can customize 24V linear electric actuators according to:



When a person chooses a 24V actuator, their main reason for it is the amperage. Amperage use is cut in half when 24V is used. If your battery is 5 amps with 12v, you’ll only require 2.5 amps with a 24.

24 linear actuator can be used for a number of things, because of its motor, build, and resistance to corrosion.

  • Solar panels – using these actuators for solar panels means that the panels can be put in out of the way areas, because they won’t need too much maintenance. They will also be able to move more accurately because of increased torque
  • Home automation – particularly when it comes to security cameras, a 24v mini actuator can come in very handy, allowing cameras more room to move, and therefore expanding their abilities
  • Robots – there is plenty of space for a linear actuator in a robot – 24v actuators can be used to help it move its arms and legs, since it is powerful enough to allow for the precision movements needed there

Advantages of 24v Actuators

  • They are quiet, and so can be used in a number of different home automation processes without disturbing the peace of the home;
  • They are customisable in any number of ways, which means that a 24v actuator can be used for a huge variety of tasks, simply by changing something or other about its construction;
  • 24v actuators allow for a greater degree of torque than do other actuators. This can be used in various equipment and automation to give it a greater degree of torque as well, which can give that equipment greater scope to carry out its job.




When you purchase a custom actuator from us, we send it along with an 18-month warranty to give you peace of mind.

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