About Us

Since 2005, Progressive Automations has been making and selling various pieces of automation equipment for personal and commercial purposes across North America and worldwide, including linear actuators, table lifts and motion control systems. Our company collaborates constantly with suppliers to bring the highest quality products to customers, at the most affordable prices possible.

As stated above, the company has been in business since 2005, and in that time has prided itself both on the quality of its products and customer service. Industries we have worked with include manufacturing, robotics, home automation, marine, agriculture, and automotive, just to name a few, and the company is constantly on the lookout for new partnership opportunities.

We pride ourselves on the commitment we show to each new business opportunity, and to all clients who need our help and advice. We strive to always deliver what they need within a very limited time frame. Progressive Automations works very closely with engineers and suppliers to bring new equipment into production, and to continually refine existing products in an effort to make sure that every client’s needs are met. Our company hopes to make every client’s journey with us as positive and simple as possible.

Our Goals

Our main goal at Progressive Automations is to continue to bring clients an excellent level of customer service while maintaining our position at the top of our industry as the best suppliers of linear automation products. The best way to stay at the top of the industry is to keep ahead of the competition – we have already said that we are constantly working with both our engineers and our suppliers to continue to create new equipment, and refine the products we already sell, and we are continually looking into new partnerships with both suppliers and other businesses which will allow us to expand into new areas in the future.

Our Products

Progressive Automations has one of the widest ranges of linear actuators in this part of the industry; our range of products allows us to offer a variety of prices to suit the needs of different companies. That range also allows us to sell a wider variety of actuators, from industrial models to micro models, and everything in between. We also offer equipment which has actuators already integrated into them, such as table and TV lifts. We even had the option to customize our actuators further for the needed results. Our company offers a range of items which exist to control and maintain the function of the linear actuators, including motion control systems, control boxes, mounting brackets, and various accessories.

Why Choose Us

  • The Lowest Prices – Our wide range of actuators allow us to create a wide range of prices, so that clients can choose what fits their means.
  • The Widest Range of Actuators – Our collaborations with our own engineers and suppliers, as well as our focus on staying ahead of competition means that our selection of linear actuators is second to none.
  • Everything in Stock – If a client wants something on our website, they can be assured that they will be able to order it without any delay.
  • Excellent Customer Service – We offer 24 hour customer service and promise that it is of the highest quality!
  • Industry Leading Warranty – We offer an 18-month warranty on all products we offer.