Automating Your Boat with 12V Actuators

When people think of 12V linear actuators and their applications they tend to think of examples in dry environments on land, away from water and other potentially harmful substances. While it’s true that most applications are indeed like that there is also a large need for automation in aquatic environments, specifically out on the ocean in boats and other sea based vehicles. Boats have many opportunities for automation with 12V actuators which we will be going over in today’s post.


One of the main features of automation is all about automating procedures and making the users life easier. Many people enjoy going out on the ocean in their boat in order to relax and get away from everyday life. With an automated boat you can make really make it feel like a vacation every time you get on board. Automating your boat cabin is the ideal option for something like this. You could automate your bed to be hidden and then extend from a cabinet or even from your floor with the press of a button. Do the same with a television to really bring your boat cabin into the future and impress all your friends. When you’re done in the cabin and in the mood for relaxing out on the deck having adjustable seating outside is a another great opportunity for automating your boat. Doing this could allow you to adjust the seats remotely to get the perfect angle for sunbathing.

luxury living room


12V actuators provide many functional uses for your sea vessel as well, specifically the exterior. One example is adding an automated ladder to your vessel that can extend and retract to your liking, making it easier, safer and faster to get in and out of the boat. Another example would be to automate your collapsible mast to make it remote controlled, making the procedure a much smoother experience and providing fast access for maintenance procedures or quick retraction to avoid obstacles overhead. One more example is automating your engine hatch. The engine hatch is an important part of any boat, protecting it from potentially harmful debris/materials as well as providing easy access if adjustments are needed. However they are usually quite heavy, some requiring multiple people to lift and open. Installing a 12V linear actuator, like our PA-04 water-resistant model, to lift and lower the hatch remotely will not only make it safer to access but also eliminate the physical strain of opening and closing it manually.

motor boat

These are just some examples of ways to automate your boat, yacht or any other sea based vehicle. When it comes to automation almost anything is possible and we are always discovering and exploring new ways to make our customers ideas a reality. If you’d like to discuss a project you have in mind or learn more about our products and how they work then contact us now.

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