Build your own Desk with a Hidden Monitor Lift

Almost every modern apartment owns a Television set and the screen sizes are only getting bigger and bigger, giving rise to the need for more space. Some even have to abandon the idea of owning a larger screen in favor of a smaller one, so that the TV won’t be the only thing that catches the eye when entering the room. 

Is it possible to somehow solve this problem and enjoy a large image without spoiling the interior? Well, there is! Build a lift! For example, a hidden computer monitor lift can save “tons” of space for you and your family.

About Hidden Desk Monitor Lift

The monitor lift is a special design that fits into any piece of furniture – usually a cabinet, a small closet or any other fairly wide surface. The point is that that you can hide the TV inside when it is not needed. To watch your favorite programs, you just need to press one button and lift the unit back.

This way you can solve two problems at once: large screen placement, for which sometimes it is simply impossible to find someplace and maintain the interior harmony. Some styles just don’t suggest any modern devices, especially if they’re as big as a TV. It may be that you just do not lean toward the look of a black screen against cute Wallpaper and bright-colored furniture.

You can get rid of this stuff with just a simple design. It is quite possible to DIY, without spending a lot of time and effort. By being careful and accurate, even a beginner is being able to do everything right on the first try.

How does it Work?

For some interior styles, it is not always recommended to use modern devices: they simply spoil the impression of the room decoration. This option is also possible: the living area is too small to accommodate a large plasma panel.

In such cases, the installation of a special lift for the TV helps. This installation is for vertical transfer of the TV (up-down), which is designed to simplify life and hide the screen after use.

Options where you can install the TV lift: in the cabinet, wardrobe, bed (one of the backs, if it is thick enough).

Details you need:

The set of materials and tools depend on the size of the panel itself (TV), as well as the weight of the device, but the approximate list looks like this:

Profile (channel for a particularly large plasma panel). The number should be calculated so that it is enough to weld a rectangular carriage to secure the TV, as well as two vertical bars that will be attached to the wall or back wall of the bedside table, plus two to four jumpers between them.

– Fasteners (screws, dowels), eye-bolt (for fixing the cable);

– Pencil or pen;

– Welding machine;

– Ruler, protractor, level;

– Screwdriver;

– Drill;

– A small mechanism (linear actuator and electric motor) that can lift the TV, and a button to bring it into action;

– Bracket with a pulley and a small cable;

– A locking mechanism that snaps when the object returns.

Guide to Build a Desk with a Hidden Monitor Lift

Undoubtedly, a hidden monitor lift is an excellent idea, but first, you need to take measurements: how large is the distance between all four fixing holes, as well as the lifting height.

The second important step will be to prepare a frame for fixing the TV on it. It is necessary to weld from channels of sufficient size a rectangle (square) or to fasten between themselves profiles, depending on the material. After making the carriage, you don’t need to immediately attach the TV or monitor.

First, you should make the frame. It consists of two guides, fastened by several transverse jumpers. In this frame, the carriage with the TV will ride up and down. Mark the place on the bedside table (cabinet) back wall where the device is supposed to be mounted. In the case of a wall, you will first have to install the dowels and only then fix the “rails” using self-tapping screws.

Before starting the next stage of work, it is worth checking once again how well the television carriage rides along with the guides. If necessary, the profile edges should be bent with pliers.

In the case of welded channels will have to additionally install rollers on the right and left under the carriage, so that the movement is silent and smooth.

The mechanism for lifting is installed from the bottom if it needs to be hidden inside the box. In the case where such attachment isn’t possible, you will have to carry him up.

The cable is connected at one end to the carriage to which the TV will be attached, and at the other end, using an eyebolt, it is connected to the base (wall or back) near the motor mount. It should hold the weight of the TV securely. The cable is tightly screwed to the carriage exactly in the center. Only in this case, the TV will move smoothly and distortions will be excluded.

Now that all the components of the design are installed, it’s time for the most active element – the motor. It will lift by converting electrical energy into rectilinear motion energy. The DIY TV lift can be connected to the network utilizing a button that drives the whole mechanism when pressed.

Building desk with hidden computer monitor lift – examples/ideas

There are many other affordable ways to create your own TV lift mechanism. If you possess special knowledge in technology and electronics it will not be difficult to make and much cheaper than buying such a mechanism in the store.

Today lifts for monitors can be divided into 3 types:

Lifting mechanism with the ability to install any monitor (withdrawable monitor, computer desk with hidden monitor)

Lift with built-in monitor (build-in motorized monitor lift)

Which option is right for you depends on many factors. The main one is the budget allocated for the equipment of the table with such mechanisms. It should be noted that the lift with a built-in monitor looks more impressive because the monitor is integrated into the overall design of the mechanism.


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