Denmark’s Universal Robots Are Making an Impact and 12 Volt Actuators

When we think about industrial automation, we think about the sounds of metal clanging,  the smell and, if you’re a manager or owner, the exorbitant cost of robotics. Denmark has changed all that with their revolutionary Universal Robot.

The Design

These robots are designed to work alongside humans with no safeguarding; they are in compliance with the ISO standard. As soon as a human touches the robot, it stops whatever it’s doing. The Universal Robot, built by UR, is entirely self contained, so that means there are no wires sticking out, and no linear actuators in which fingers or parts can get caught.

They have been made light enough to be easily carried around the plant, and their interface is simple and easy to learn. The arms are versatile and have actuators allowing six points of movement – more than enough to get just about any job done.

This robot is ideal for both small and large production shops. It’s actually aesthetically pleasing, meaning it may even be a viable option for home automation. Need your laundry folded?

The Cost

One of the biggest factors in robotics is the cost. For any industry to stay at the top of its game, it has to invest in the newest technology on the market. Companies that have limited capital are usually relegated to using old technology simply because they can’t afford to replace every robot with a new one. The Universal Robot is a cost effective solution for those who can’t or won’t shell out millions of dollars on a dozen robots. These innovative automated tools come in at a third of the cost of similar robots.

Who’s Using Them?

In 2009, the Denmark company sold their first robot. They quickly moved into the US market and gained the attention of over a dozen distributors. The fact is that the robotics market in North America is booming, and it’s crying out for new, affordable technology. This robot couldn’t have picked a better time to present itself.

There’s no doubt about it – robots are expensive. Industry is getting to the point that it needs viable solutions to the old, expensive technology. Having a robot that can work alongside humans with no risk is another great benefit. UR in Denmark has provided a safe, affordable and lightweight solution to the big, clunky, noisy robots of the past. It’s about time we saw some of those robots in the unemployment line.

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