Electric Linear Actuators in the Medical Industry

Linear actuators and automation are all about making our lives easier. They automate processes that would otherwise need to be done manually and save valuable time and energy in whatever environment they are servicing. And what better place to automate is there then the medical field, a place where time is always of the essence and helping people is the main priority. Automating processes in this field gives doctors and nurses more time with their patients and this is made possible with electric linear actuators like ours.

Patient Looking At Nurse While Sitting On Wheelchair
The medical field prefers electric actuators rather then hydraulic and pneumatic models for a variety of reasons. They can come in much smaller sizes since they have a lot less machinery inside of them and therefore can fit in places where hydraulic and pneumatic models never could. The less machinery inside also means electric linear actuators run a lot quieter as well, making sure patients aren’t constantly annoyed or startled by loud noises of the machinery. All of this also means that they require much less upkeep then hydraulic/pneumatic models, making them almost maintenance free. This allows employees of the medical field to focus exclusively on their patients rather than having to worry about technical difficulties with their technology. So where can you find these electric actuators in the medical field?

One example would be motorized wheelchairs and wheelchair lifts found in certain speciality vehicles. As stated earlier their small size makes them able to fit in much smaller areas, like the tight spaces in a wheelchair. The electric linear actuators are used for raising and lowering the seat or a wheelchair lift and reclining the seats for more comfort such as giving the patient more leg room or letting them lie back and stretch. They can also be used in the control system of the the wheelchair because of the precise control they allow, giving the user full motion control capabilities. Another example would be in hospital beds that let the user raise or lower portions of the bed. Smaller, thinner models like our PA-15s or PA-11-D30s can fit in the hospital beds and can be remote controlled to let the patient get as comfortable as possible.

Hospital beds and bedside tables in a row
Electric linear actuators are the future of automation and their use in such an important environment as the medical field helps show that. If you’d like to learn more about our units or would like to start ordering some today all you need to do is contact us and we will guide you through the process. We also have highly trained engineers on staff to help you with more advanced questions.

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