How to Build a Kitchen Island – Overall Concept Ideas

Posted on January 24, 2020 by Anna

The design of a modern kitchen can be enhanced with a number of practical solutions and concepts that can greatly facilitate your regular cooking routine. Namely, a convenient kitchen island helps improve the overall functionality of the room while also adding up to the interior originality. A common kitchen island is, essentially, a multipurpose kitchen table that is set right in the middle of the room for 360-degree access.

DIY Kitchen Island

It isn’t that difficult to create a kitchen island with your own hands. The only intricate moment here is the installation of power cables in the case of a smart DIY kitchen island. All communications will have to go all the way through the whole construction, reaching the tabletop while remaining hidden inside it.

If you are not confident in building such a mechanism, we would suggest speaking to a professional first to understand clearly the process and tools required.

Kitchen Island Designs


If you decide to install a kitchen island in your home, you should consider the specifics of your room. We’d recommend focusing on the following aspects:

    • A kitchen island with seating or without? This strictly depends on your kitchen space size. If there is room, why not add chairs.
    • Take your time to select the right shape. There is a great variety of kitchen island shapes you can go for. A large kitchen island of an oblong shape, for instance, maybe a better fit for a middle-sized room than a plain square construction. You can also consider some non-standard shapes, like the one in the picture below.
    • When looking for fitting kitchen island plans - consider a multi-level table. This is a great solution to save space yet get a good level of practicality out of your construction.
    • Choose the right basic materials. A modern kitchen island can be made out of wood, metal or plastic. Make sure the basic materials fit your kitchen aesthetically.
    • Consider a portable kitchen island. If you need to save as much space as possible, a portable, foldable construction may be the best option for you.

Kitchen Island Ideas

  • If the kitchen is decorated in a classic style, you can use natural materials, carved door surfaces, and stained glass windows. Stone tabletops and open shelves will also fit great.
  • When improving a country-style kitchen, it is best to use an open table made of wood. Instead of drawers, you can use wicker baskets of vines as well as chintz curtains instead of small doors.
  • If you opted for an Art Nouveau kitchen, we’d recommend focusing on glass and metal.
  • The minimalist style will appeal to those who prefer conciseness in interiors and maximum functionality. The main materials here should be glass, metal or stone. Go for a glossy surface or chrome spraying.
  • Another popular style - Scandinavian. Here, your preference should be given to the natural wood finish.

Smart Kitchen


A smart kitchen is an excellent solution as it helps make your cooking more efficient and faster with the help of advanced appliances.

A common smart kitchen should be based on these “pillar” principles:

  • The distance between objects, which significantly facilitates cooking overall.
  • Individually comfortable cooking space.
  • Use of hi-tech materials and appliances.

The main functional parts of a smart kitchen include:

  • Automated drawers, which are much superior in terms of convenience to swing doors or regular drawers.
  • Retractable metal baskets allow you to better see what is in the drawer and quickly get what you need.
  • Integrated two-in-one surfaces, for example, a kitchen island with sink.
  • Hi-tec appliances (for example, a heated cooking surface) that save time and allow preparing several dishes at once.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Heated cooking surface

Your dining table can be used to cook food as well! All you need to do is install a special surface in the tabletop. Thanks to ultra-modern materials, it quickly heats up and instantly cools down.


If you find integrated kitchen hoods quite cumbersome, you can get a model that goes down only over pans with rising steam.

Food-calculating refrigerator

Smart refrigerators analyze their inventory and formulate a list of necessary products based on the initial settings. You can conveniently control such a refrigerator with a smartphone.

Kitchen robot

This little helper will stand on the table while you are cooking and lead you through the recipe as well as provide a range of features that you can certainly use to make your cooking more convenient and efficient.

Water-cutting pedal

A very convenient solution to help you avoid touching and turning anything with wet hands. Especially great for cooking dishes when both hands are occupied.

Kitchen Island Lighting

You may also pick from a number of kitchen island lighting ideas. Lighting plays a big role in the overall interior, providing an original emphasis if designed properly and spoiling the big picture if not. It is also crucial that the whole cooking surface is distinctly lit.

Most designers recommend using three lights. An odd number of lighting sources allows you to create stylish and functional interiors. If you have a small kitchen island in your kitchen, then fewer fixtures may be sufficient. In this case, it is better to choose one or two lamps to match the overall design.

In the case of high ceilings, you can choose lamps that are suspended at different levels. It looks original and allows you to highlight the maximum space. If the ceiling is low and you cannot create such a composition, you can fix the sconce on the brackets along the walls. They are much more functional than traditional lamps, as they allow you to diversify the lighting design of the kitchen.

Kitchen Island Table

A kitchen island is an elegant solution that allows you to widen the working surface of the kitchen, add drawers and shelves, and introduce something truly fresh and modern to your regular kitchen interior. Choose a kitchen island depending on the overall design of the room - we can help you with that based on the related expertise and experience.

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