How to Control Linear Actuator Position


Everything you need to control linear actuator positions

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From position feedback to rocker switches to wireless remotes, we go through everything you need to know about controlling linear actuator position.

Before you consider your control option, make sure that your control box will support the type of control you want. Most options are supported, but you may need to make a few adjustments. If you’re not sure if your control will work, contact your manufacturer and discuss it with their customer service team.

1. Position Feedback

feedback actuator for positioning

If you know how you want to control your actuators, but require position feedback before you go that route, it’s time for a position feedback actuator. These devices provide you precise positioning information for your project. These actuators come in a variety of stroke sizes, speeds and forces and you might even be able to

2. Wired and Wireless

Ideal For: Home Automation, Portable Automation, Home Robotics, Hobby Automation
hand remote for actuators

With hand-held remotes, you have a few different options available to you. Wireless remotes can give you the versatility and distance if you need to control your project from far away. Wired remotes will have less travel distance, but they are the more economical option. Or maybe you’d rather have a stationary switch.

Wired and wireless remotes come in both momentary and non-momentary functions, and this can often be switched by making changes to the control box you have. Your control box may give you the option of controlling multiple actuators with a single remote, or having two remotes that control individual actuators.

3. Rocker Switches

Ideal For: Boat Automation, Car Automation, Industrial Automation, Stationary Projects
rocker switch for actuator positioning

Rocker switches are designed to be mounted on a wall, table or somewhere else that you can easily access them. These are ideal for projects that will remain stationary, such as home projects, boat automation, car automation or others. Switches are an economical and versatile solution.

4. Foot Switches

Idea for: Hands-Free Projects, Home and Furniture Automation, Industrial Automation
dual footswitch for linear actuator control

Foot switches are the go-to hands-free device for linear actuator position control. These devices allow you to use both hands while operating a project. There are multiple options available, such as dual actuator control with the same or two foot pedals.

Need more information on the various control options available? Get in contact with our customer service team. We have expert engineers prepared to answer your questions and make suggestions based on your individual needs.

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