Linear Actuators and Solar Power

Solar power is arguably the power source of the future. With the worlds natural resources continuing to dwindle over time we as a people are always looking for ways to conserve those resources as well as limit greenhouse gas emissions. Solar power is one such way we can do that and it is perhaps the most logical solutioas it is an almost limitless source of sustainable energy. So it only makes sense that linear actuators would play a part in their rise as a viable energy source option, seeing how actuators and automation are always on the cutting of technology.


Linear actuators can automate solar panels and arrays to increase their efficiency and overall power. Normal solar panels are usually installed to stay in one static position against a flat surface, picking up as much solar energy as they can in the peak hours of the day. With linear actuators those solar panels no longer need to stay immobile. As you know the sun does not stay in one position all day so it only makes sense that a solar panel should be able to move with it. Actuators can automatically adjust the angle of the solar panel to follow the sun throughout the day, making sure it is taking in as much solar energy as possible. It also lets you alter the angles of the arrays via remote control instead of having to go up on your roof and move them manually. All of this helps to increase the efficiency of solar arrays by up to 50%.

These automated solar arrays also are much easier to take care of and they stay functional far longer than older models that were not automated. Older models tend to run on machinery that could potentially leak oil or other fluids and that were much more susceptible to outside interference such as harsh weather conditions. Using our 12V linear actuators also makes installation a much easier procedure, all you need is a power source and a control method and the array will be ready for action. The ideal units for such an array would most likely be our PA-17 industrial actuators with our PA-27 control box to control the devices. Our PA-17s are the most powerful actuators we carry and able to withstand up to 2000 lbs of force, making sure your solar array stays safe and secure no matter what.

Solar panels on green grass with blue sky

Hopefully when looking for an alternative energy source you will now now see just how reliable a choice solar energy is, especially with the addition of linear actuators to the design. They not only improve the already great efficiency of solar arrays for gathering energy, they also make sure your solar arrays stay functional longer. Make sure to look at our linear actuators so you can decide which one best suits your own solar array design, or any other project for that matter. Contact us today so we can get started on bringing your project to life.


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