Linear Actuators in the Workplace

Linear actuators are being used more and more in all walks of life. One of the most common areas that they are found in, and used in large amounts, is the workplace. Now the “workplace” is a fairly broad statement but it is appropriate when referring to where they are being used. There’s not only one type of work environment where they are used, they are being implemented and utilized in a variety of different workplaces. Automating the workplace can reduce the risk of injury, enhance productivity and provide a more ergonomic experience.

short-sighted business man bad sitting posture at laptop .

One of the most common complaints with most workplaces, specifically office jobs, is staying in a sitting position for very long periods of time. This can lead to health related problems like muscle spasms, soreness and bad posture. These health concerns can be made easily avoidable with the help of linear actuators. With easily adjustable tables, desks and chairs you too can have the ideal workplace. An adjustable desk is the perfect example to show how this is possible. Most office jobs will have you sitting at your desk or cubicle all day in front of a computer. As stated above sitting for such a long period is not good for you, this has been proven by multiple studies into the issue, yet still we do it. With a remote adjustable desk you can lower and raise the desk to the perfect position depending on your current state. Are you experiencing some back pain and can’t stand sitting any more? Simply raise the desk to a more suitable standing position and turn it into standing desk, something many people are using nowadays to combat back soreness caused from sitting. And when you feel you’ve had enough standing and need a little break simply lower the desk back to a sitting position. Linear actuators make this possible.

modern office meeting room interior

Another example with actuators helping the workplace would be adjustable workstations found in a warehouse or manufacturing plant. Workstations in environments such as these can potentially be used by many different people throughout the day. With a remote adjustable workstation it can be adjusted to best suit whoever may be using it at any given time. The more comfort and control an employee has with their work, the more productive they will be. They can make work meetings a much smoother experience as well. Many meetings utilize display screens, projector slides or power points for presentations in front of staff to go over new ideas or products. Having these display options automated makes sure you don’t have to waste time setting them up, all you have to do is press a button. An example of this would be having display screen automated to raise and lower itself from a large meeting table. This screen could rise from the table at the appropriate time during a presentation then smoothly transition back inside the table, leading everyone’s focus back to the presenter.

These are just a few examples of how linear actuators can improve the workplace because with automation the possibilities are endless. If you have any ideas on how to improve your workplace and want to use our units please give us a call. We also do custom actuator and control system orders if you have something very specific in mind.


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