motion platform

The Usage and Impact of Linear Actuators in Motion Platforms and Simulators

Nowadays, modern technologies are always updated. We live in a modern world, the world of smart technologies, which can help you try everything. For example, such a great creation as the linear actuator can give you an opportunity to try various motion platforms and simulators. You may have heard a lot about video games or training simulators. But how these linear actuators can be used in motion platforms? In this article, we are going to look through the usage and impact of linear actuators in motion platforms and simulators.

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truck topper lift

Truck Topper Lift with 12v Linear Actuators

A topper lift system is what is used when people decide to extend their truck cap up into the air. It uses linear actuators to allow for the top of the lift to be raised up as far as is necessary, for whatever the car owner wants to do. A truck topper lift can be used for anything from turning your truck into a camper van to making more room for equipment and supplies if you do a lot of DIY work, or even just to make things easier for you when you open your back door to remove things. There is a lot that goes into a lift system, but this article covers the basics, and hopefully will interest people in the process so that they go and find out more about making a topper lift with using of linear actuators for their own vehicle.

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opened window

Automatic Window Opener Using Linear Actuators

If you’re intrigued by how automated window openers work and thinking about embarking on a project on your own be it in your home, greenhouse or any setting you deem suitable, well, there is good news and even better news. You’re now able to realize your project using electric linear actuators. Don’t let the name ‘electric’ scare you because setting up the opener is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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Duty cycle

Duty Cycle and Electric Actuator

Today, the humanity stands in the borders of the fourth industrial revolution. It is more likely that an ordinary person has no idea of another three generations of technological breakthrough. Nevertheless, they have already passed. The current state of affairs can be characterized by one word – digitalization. Still, that stage has not achieved its peak yet. Besides, a plenty of mechanisms and devices originated from the third and second generations are still implemented in multiple areas of life and industry.

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solar tracker

Solar Tracker with Actuator (12v Linear actuator)

With calls to take care of the environment intensifying, solar energy has become popular, and governments all over the world are trying to tap into this free energy. Solar energy is not only free and renewable but also comes with other benefits to both people and the environment.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the sunlight received in the earth in just an hour is supposedly enough to meet the energy needs of everyone in the world for a year. The above is quite intriguing and shows that if man can tap into this glaring opportunity, he can benefit greatly and even move on from the depleting fossil fuel energy. According to the World Wide Fund for Nature, fossil fuel energy leads to the pollution of air, land, and water. Currently, the world is spending billions of dollars to help clean the environment and to create awareness.

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