Linear Actuators and Solar Power

Solar power is arguably the power source of the future. With the worlds natural resources continuing to dwindle over time we as a people are always looking for ways to conserve those resources as well as limit greenhouse gas emissions. Solar power is one such way we can do that and it is perhaps the most logical solutioas it is an almost limitless source of sustainable energy. So it only makes sense that linear actuators would play a part in their rise as a viable energy source option, seeing how actuators and automation are always on the cutting of technology.
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Linear Actuators in the Workplace

Linear actuators are being used more and more in all walks of life. One of the most common areas that they are found in, and used in large amounts, is the workplace. Now the “workplace” is a fairly broad statement but it is appropriate when referring to where they are being used. There’s not only one type of work environment where they are used, they are being implemented and utilized in a variety of different workplaces. Automating the workplace can reduce the risk of injury, enhance productivity and provide a more ergonomic experience.
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Table Lift Functionality

Linear motion is probably the most common and widely used form of motion in the world today. It is so widely used because it is so simple yet effective at doing a variety of different things.  Here at Progressive Automations we are experts in linear motion and offer a selection of electronic equipment that specializes in linear motion functionality. Along with our selection of linear actuators and motion control systems we offer table lifting systems for specialized jobs and applications.

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Automating your Kitchen

Linear Actuators can help take your kitchen into the future

Linear actuators play a very large part in improving the quality of life for people everywhere. They are simple machines with simple jobs, moving things up and down, back and forth, any type of motion in a straight line. Their simplicity is also their greatest strength; they eliminate the monotony of repetitive tasks and make whatever environment you are using them into a more user-friendly one.
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Track Linear Actuators and Their Applications in Society

Information on how, where and why track actuators are used

A linear actuator is a mechanism that converts force, usually rotary, and creates linear motion. They can come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and models but today we will be focusing on one of the more unique models, a track linear actuator. Track linear actuators work like this; their range of motion is enclosed in a track instead of extending freely, ideal for devices that require fixed vertical or horizontal motion. What this means is that they can be much stronger and more durable than a traditional actuator due to it having a pre-defined path for the force, as well as offering more support.
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