Review Of Progressive Automation Waterproof Linear Actuator

Waterproof linear actuators are essential when it comes to storing or transporting water-sensitive and fragile products. Besides, if your mechanism suffers from changes in the weather, heavy rains and snow, in particular, your only way to protect it from the damage is to use waterproof components. For example, linear actuators for boats are mostly made of stainless steel and waterproof materials.

To buy the right tool for your high-quality mechanism or device, you must be attentive and careful. Always pay attention to the following crucial points:

  • manufacturer,
  • key characteristics,
  • and materials.

Today, you can find dozens of linear actuators on websites like Amazon or Alibaba, as well as buy the needed products from the manufacturer directly. No doubts, the second option is more suitable as you get the opportunity to save your money and build stable business relations with a certain company.
The characteristics and features must meet your needs precisely. Every single imperfection may lead to future damages and crashes.
And one more significant point is the material your linear actuator is made of. Some of the companies do not provide detailed information about the materials and you can only get it upon the request or when the order arrives.
We prepared an informative overview of one of the best waterproof linear actuators to simplify your efforts and help with making the right step.

How to Protect Your Machinery from Damages

Modern devices suffer from wind, high humidity, fast-changing weather conditions, etc. There are two possible ways to protect your machinery from the possible destructive factors:

Caustic Detergent Solutions

Some of the manufacturers wash or spray the mechanisms and tools with specific liquids. This is a rather common case, but the essential details do not appreciate such treating. Designers must be very careful with this process and continuously watch if the used liquid damages the surface.

Water- and Oil-Proof Materials

The answer is using special materials. Great tools for harsh industrial environments can be made from stainless steel treated with specific mixtures. This type of tools is great for different, even the toughest, applications.

Waterproof Linear Actuator by Progressiveautomations

Waterproof linear actuators by Progressiveautomations are long-term: they can serve you 10 times longer than any other actuator.
If you professionally design and develop the automated devices or elements of complex machinery, PA-06 waterproof linear actuator by Progressiveautomations is a great choice. This tool withstands dust, water and most of the known harsh environmental conditions which can damage the machinery.
The main feature of this tool is the highest protection rate in comparison with all the tools existing in the modern market. It is featured with the IP67 protection rating. Thus, it can seamlessly operate when submerged in water.  At the same time, you should be careful with the time the actuator is under the water: the material can handle extreme conditions only for short periods of time.

Technical Details

The installation is fast and simple. Mounting brackets are specifically designed to fit waterproof linear actuators. Compatibility with different control systems is one more great feature. Control capabilities that come out-of-the-box simplify the usage and maintenance.
The tool is powered with brushed DC motor. The technical features of this type of actuators cover a wide field of needs:

  • 2-24 inches stroke length;
  • 22 and 180 lbs of force, with a speed of 1.38″/sec or 0.47″/sec, respectively;
  • Actuators can handle temperatures from -20ºC to approximately +60ºC. The tool works rather quietly; noise does not exceed 60 A.

Customization Features

What is also great about the cooperation with Progressiveautomations? The company provides unique customization services. Different actuator characteristics like force, voltage or stroke length can be modified according to your requirements.
Besides, you can add Hall Effect sensors or over-current protection. Those upgrades can increase the unit length. Additionally, you can order custom wired connectors and mounting ends.


Progressiveautomations waterproof linear actuators are thoroughly tested. The actuator is tested in tough conditions like extremely high or low temperatures, huge loads and high duty cycles. You get only the products of the best quality.
The company offers the 18-month warranty for you to be confident about the tools you choose.


This waterproof linear actuator will be great for:

  • Precise dynamic motions;
  • High forces generation;
  • Industrial applications in harsh environmental conditions;
  • Extreme humidity, etc.

This linear actuator would be your great choice for agriculture purposes and the marine industry.

Final Thoughts

These waterproof linear actuators are essential components of your high-quality machinery. Progressiveautomations provide you with tried and tested powerful tools. These tools are the basis for your business development and improvement.
If you still hesitate what actuator to choose, just contact us and we’ll provide you with all the necessary details to make the most proper choice!

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