Winter Usage of 12V Linear Actuators

The holiday season is officially upon us and it’s that time of year when we all want to sit back and relax for the holidays. Though in order to relax you’ll need to get all that pesky work done first, whether it be at the office or at home. Luckily linear actuators are available to help automate jobs to make your life easier and get work done faster. Since it’s the holiday season, in today’s post we’ll be going over some of the ways 12V linear actuators can be used to aid in winter jobs and activities.


Snow Plow

This is a probably the most popular use for a 12V actuator during the winter season. Having an actuator powered snow plow is a great way to automate an experience that would be rather tedious and time consuming otherwise. The actuators automate the lifting mechanisms on the front end of a snow plow, eliminating the need to raise and lower the plow by hand. With electric actuators installed the plow at the front can be raised and lowered with either a simple hand remote or just the press of a button. You could even just install a home made lifting mechanism on the front of your truck and some people have even created their own snow plowing robots that are controlled via remote control.

Pickup truck plowing snow

Heating System

Its not just our 12V linear actuators that can help with winter, our control systems have a lot to offer as well. We carry a temperature activated control box, the PA-37, that is able to activate once it reaches a certain temperature. This could come in quite handy during these cold winter months. By setting a temperature limit into the control box and wiring it to your heating system you could make it automatically start heating your house as soon as it gets too cold. This is what automation is all about, automating a procedure to make our lives easier and more comfortable. All you have to do is choose a temperature you feel is too cold and set it as the activator for the the control box. Then the control box will activate, which in turn will activate the heating system.

These are just a couple ways that the winter season can be improved with the help of our 12V linear actuators and control systems. If you have some ideas about custom projects that could aid you during the season then don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we can make your idea a reality. You can also get a hold of us if you just have any questions or concerns regarding any of our products.

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