Frequently asked questions and answers for them

This will depend on your application, as there are different specification requirements for the linear actuator you need. You should know the key requirements for your application such as force, stroke, speed and mounting dimensions. You can refer to either the datasheet or the specification table located on the product page of our website. Also, you can always call in or email us, and one of our linear actuator experts will reach out to you with answers.

Duty cycle is the fraction of one working period in which the linear actuator can remain active. You can calculate the duty cycle of a linear actuator by using this simple equation:
Duty cycle (%) = (Time the linear actuator is active) / (Time for one working period)

A linear actuator’s stroke refers to the distance the actuator will travel. To determine the stroke size needed for your application, you need to find out how much distance do you want the linear actuator to push or pull your load.

We have Data Sheets, User Manuals, 3D Models, Wiring Diagrams and more in our Resources section. Our YouTube channel provides informative product overviews and technical how-to videos as well.

All products listed on the website are in stock and available for same-day shipping. If one of our products is unavailable, we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you when the unit will be available.

You sure can. Most actuators have labels that indicate the specifications needed for your application. If you let us know the voltage rating, force rating and stroke length needed, we will be able to give you a recommendation for a replacement actuator.