Our Micro Linear Actuator is the smallest actuator we have ever produced. It’s available in a range of stroke sizes and the perfect unit for projects where limited space is a key factor and not much force is needed.

Micro Linear Electric Actuator Features

micro actuatormicro linear actuator


Our Micro Electric Actuators have specially designed mounting brackets, the BRK-07, for simple mounting. These brackets can be mounted on each end of the actuator and provide 180° of rotation.


Input Voltage:12v DC
These devices use the most common form of motor for this type of equipment
Stroke Sizes:0.5″-12″
The linear products can come in a variety of sizes, depending on what it is needed for. The stroke size is what affects how much the lienar device can move
Force Options:5 lbs
How much force the mini actuator can put out with its movements. The small linear actuator means that it cannot take a lot of force compared to others
Speed:0.59 inches per second
The speed which the actuator is set at. Again, the size of the linear drive affects how it can work in this area
Protection Class:IP66
These 12v mini actuators are protected to a high degree against both dust and water, being able to withstand direct jets of water, and very dusty environments
Operational Temperature:-0C ~ +50C
This product can operate in a number of different environments without problem
Noise:db < 45(A)
They are very quiet when operating, which means that they can comfortably be used in a home environment which no disturbance to the family, as well as in more industrial areas
Duty Cycle:10 percent
The duty cycle of an actuator is how long it can go before needing to rest. These electric mini actuators have a cycle of ten percent of their overall load before they need to stop
Limit Switch:built in, non-adjustable
The limit switch makes the actuator stop when it reaches the end of its movement – this is to stop the actuator over-extending itself when moving


Our prices are the best in the industry. You won’t find better quality at these prices. Our prices are the same regardless of the length of stroke with 0.5″-12″ at $69.99.

Micro Linear Actuator Product Overview

Micro Actuator Usage

You’ll find the micro linear actuator most commonly used in:

  • Manufacturing – there are a number of different processes in manufacturing which a micro linear actuator can be part of easily. From the initial making process – from human-operated machinery to fully robotic machinery – to the end result which needs to be processed and packaged, micro linear actuators can be extremely useful for almost any aspect of manufacturing;
  • Home automation – home automation as a growing field has been influenced greatly by the presence and use of linear actuators. Such products have allowed home automation to become the vast powerhouse that it currently is, by making both installation and use of the equipment easier. Small linear actuators, in particular, are useful for automation because they can be used within the smaller confines of the house. TV lifts, drawer openers, and security cameras are the usual purview of actuators, though people are working on more things;
  • Hobby design – since these 12 volt linear actuators are small and easy to use, they find their way into a lot of hobbyist equipment. Most people who are using these PA-07 actuators are using them because they are small and accurate, since accuracy is often a feature in works which are tiny;
  • Robotics – the accuracy of a microactuator lies in the accuracy it is capable of. Robots have many uses for 12v linear actuators of all kinds due to the complex movements they need to carry out to do anything – actuators are hard-wearing, and the smaller nature of micro linear actuators means that they can be fit into more areas on a robot, so they can be used in more functions. Since electric actuators have greater control and accuracy, they can be used in a number of functions which require accuracy, such as the fingers of a robot.

Advantages Of Micro Actuators

There are many advantages of having micro linear actuators in use, ranging from their size to their applications

  • Size – they are small, and so can be used in smaller equipment such as robotics and home automation without much difficulty. Their size also means that they can be put into smaller and more awkward spaces, meaning that they can be used in spaces where there is otherwise not enough room.
  • Durability – linear actuators are very durable, and this is an advantage when it comes to using them in the more cramped spaces which the smallest linear actuators might be used. More durable equipment does not need to be replaced so often, and so can be used in more difficult to reach areas
  • IP rating – the IP rating of these actuators is very high, meaning that they can be used in dirty and wet environments without fear of them breaking. The actuators can be put to more use if they can be used in these environments, because it means that they can be used in a greater variety of industries.




When you purchase a micro actuator from us, we send it along with an industry leading 18-month warranty to give you peace of mind.

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