Our Mini Medium Force Linear Actuators a.k.a. Mini Industrial Actuators are similar to our mini versions but are better suited for medium-high force projects and applications. These devices provide you with powerful force, precision and the high quality you expect from us.

Features of Mini Medium Force Actuator

medium force actuatormini industrial linear actuator


The electric medium force actuator can be combined with almost any control box we offer. Wiring and connecting to control boxes is a simple procedure and provides almost limitless control capabilities. All compatible control boxes can be easily wired for use.

Mounting your actuators has never been easier. We’ve created two mounting brackets just for this model. Our BRK-09 Mounting Brackets can be installed on each end of the 12v actuator and provide a full 180° of rotation.


Mini medium force actuators have the following specifications:

Input Voltage:12 VDC
This is the normal voltage for a linear actuator to have, since it allows them to be compatible with the most common form of motor, and other pieces of equipment which they may be hooked up to.
Stroke Sizes:2-40″
There are a variety of stroke sizes for the cylinders on this type of linear actuator, which means that they can be changed depending on the task which it is being used for.
Force Options:330 lbs
The force which an actuator can take on in its everyday tasks.
Speed:0.27″ per second
This is how much the linear drive moves per second, showing how fast it can move while working on whatever task it has.
Protection Class:IP66
This refers to the protection which the mini industrial models have against both water and dust.
Operational Temperature:-25C ~ +65C
The actuators can function in a variety of environments, including ones which would be too cold for humans to withstand for long periods of time.
Noise:db < 45(A)
These PA-09 models are quite quiet, meaning that while they would be perfectly at home in any industrial setting, they can also be used without fear in home settings, as the noise will not disturb the homeowners.
Duty Cycle:25 percent
This is how long the actuator can work with a full load before needing to rest and recharge.
Limit Switch:built in, non-adjustable
A limit switch keeps an actuator from over-extending and breaking. The ones on this actuator cannot be changed to allow for different limits to be set.


This model comes in at different pricing levels depending on the stroke length. You won’t find top quality actuators like this at these prices. Every PA-09 model between 2″-12″ is $149.99, between 18″-24″ is $156.99, 30″ is $205.99 and 40″ is $209.99.

Mini Industrial (Medium Force) Actuator Product Video

Mini Medium Force Actuator Usage

These electric actuators are used in a growing number of industries and equipment around the world, due to their durability, power, and resistance. Medium force actuators, in particular, are used in several different industries including:

  • Manufacturing – there are so many processes which are part of manufacturing, and linear drives could play a huge part in them. Manufacturing could involve linear 12v actuators in any step of the process, from the beginning to the end, no matter the type of machinery involved. Whether it is part of a human operated machine or an entirely robotic one, this linear drives can help the process.
  • Home automation – this field has been growing hugely in recent years, and that is partially due to linear motion products and how they have changed the way we use our technology. A medium force actuator make home automation both easier to use and easier to install, thus making it more likely to be used. Home automation which uses 12 volt linear actuators has normally stayed within the bounds of security cameras and TV lifts, but more recently it has expanded to include robotics as well.
  • Robotics – linear actuators are accurate, fast, and hard-wearing; all of these qualities make them valuable for use in robotics. Robotics includes many different motions and processes which can be helped along by the inclusion of such motion products. Medium force actuators, while perhaps not the best choice for a more delicate operation, are useful for the processes which need more force, but still need to be held back in some way.
  • Car automation – car automation is something that linear actuators can be very useful in, from the cars themselves to the machines which build them. Cars now have more moving parts than ever, and linear actuators can be used to supply many of them – window wipers and windows in general can both use a medium force linear actuator in order to better operate; there are many other processes within a car which would benefit from that same equipment. The machines which make the cars are also candidates for linear actuators, as they need to make precise movements, over prolonged periods of time. Our products can handle this because of their durability and precision.

Customized Mini Medium Force Actuators

It would be next to impossible to have an actuator for every project or application in stock – but we’ve got a solution. Our custom actuators mean that we can provide you with an actuator that’s tailored to your specific project or application.

We can customize actuators to a variety of specifications:


Advantages of Mini Industrial Actuators

Using mini industrial electric actuators is useful for a variety of reasons, mostly for the way it represents a middle way between very light actuators which are only useful for home automation and other lightweight work, and the heavy-duty ones which are suited for heavy industry work. Medium actuators can therefore be adapted for any particular job, since they have in them the capacity to be used both for light work and heavy work with various modifications made to them to be better.




When you purchase mini industrial actuators from us, we send it along with an industry leading 18-month warranty to give you peace of mind.

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