Our Types of 12V Linear Actuators

As a leader in linear automation technology we aim to have to many different types of 12V linear actuators so our customers will have a variety of different options available. Whether it be high speed, heavy duty, miniature or track actuator models, we have them all. In this post we’ll go over our different types of electric linear actuator models and the advantages of each one.


Our mini linear actuators pack are large amount of force output into a compact design. These are the preferred option for smaller applications where space is limited and one of our most popular models. They can produce up to 150 lbs of force and come in stroke sizes ranging from 1 to 40 inches. The small size makes it popular home automation, such as automating a window or kitchen cabinet.

Heavy Duty

On the other side of the spectrum is our largest actuator model which also products the largest amount of force. The heavy duty 12V actuator is capable of producing a whopping 2,000 lbs of force, making it the perfect choice for applications that require massive amounts of lifting such as construction equipment and heavy machinery.

High Speed

The high speed model has a tubular design and is capable of producing small amounts of force at a high speed. While it is only able to produce up to 33 lbs of force, it makes up for the small force output with its speed. It can move at a rate of 9.05″/sec, making it the fastest actuator we carry in stock. The high speed makes it popular in applications where speed is a major factor.


The track actuator model is unique from all of our other 12 volt linear actuator models because of its design. Instead of the actuator extending and retracting it moves along a track. This means you don’t have to worry about calculating the extended and retracted length of the actuator for your application. The design also means they are able to hold more weight in the middle section of the stroke but still able to bring the same amount of power as other models. It can produce up to 900 lbs of force.

Mini Tube

Our mini tube model is similar to our high speed model in that it has a tubular design and that it is unable to produce large amounts of force. It’s one of our smallest models with a diameter of only 1.18″ and can produce 33 lbs of force. The small size makes it popular in fields such as robotics and automotive automation.


This 12V electric actuator is one of our most durable models. A big reason for that is the fact it is our only model that comes with a built in IP66 rating. That means it is completely impermeable to dust and strong jets of water. This feature makes the unit the ideal choice for applications in potentially harsh environments such as marine or boat automation and manufacturing equipment.

You can be sure these won’t be the only types of actuators we carry for long as we are always looking for new models and new actuator designs to manufacture. Make sure to stay up to date with us on social media for all the latest updates with Progressive Automations.




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