Track Linear Actuators and Their Applications in Society

Information on how, where and why track actuators are used

A linear actuator is a mechanism that converts force, usually rotary, and creates linear motion. They can come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and models but today we will be focusing on one of the more unique models, a track linear actuator. Track linear actuators work like this; their range of motion is enclosed in a track instead of extending freely, ideal for devices that require fixed vertical or horizontal motion. What this means is that they can be much stronger and more durable than a traditional actuator due to it having a pre-defined path for the force, as well as offering more support.

Basically they are very simple machines that help accomplish very important tasks. They create motion along a straight line to lift, reposition, open or organize items of varying shapes and sizes. They remove the risk of human error when performing repetitive tasks that must be accurate and consistent. For example if a carpenter wanted to make cleaner, more precise cuts of wood and save time as well as materials, using a track actuator in a CNC (computer numerical control) application would do the trick.

Where else can you find track actuators? At home you may find them in adjustable television and home theatre displays. At school they are commonly used for sliding white/chalk boards and projector screens, leaving teachers more time to focus on their students rather than doing all the work themselves. Because of their simplistic range of motion and sturdy build they are perfect for any job that requires constant lifting motions, like lifting a car at an auto shop or in a factory setting on a supply line. Automobile assembly shop While its limited movement may seem like a drawback at first, it is actually one of the reasons why it is so popular and widely used. Specialized machines like this are used all the time in industrial practices and are constantly being refined. They offer a fast and efficient replacement for assembly processes found in places like manufacturing plants as well.

All this talk of track actuators probably has you a pretty interested in them right? Well luckily we have a fantastic line of track actuators here at Progressive Automations in our PA-18 units. You can find all our different models right here as well as a video showing off our PA-18’s capabilities.

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